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Spark tech innovation with our age-diverse competitions.

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Creative Minds

Jaser AL_Harasis


Thaer EL_Ledawi

Operations Manager

Mohammad Hatahet

Training Director

Ibrahim AL_Harasis

Web developer

Sabria abo alhalaweh

Content Creator

Ola Silme


Roa`a ALHarasees

Content Creator

Ala`a AlJabeaty

Content Creator

Roa`a Tahseen

Graphic Design

A`sem AlWahidi

Communication officer

Ayah AlOmari


Feedback from our clients


"Robotna space is one of the best places that focus on the technology field, providing high-quality educational services with nominal fees for courses that cost exorbitant amounts in various academic institutions. It also offers sophisticated customer service and a pleasant atmosphere."

sarah Alsakkaf

"Robotna" company provided me with the most beneficial scientific and social experience and helped me a lot with my studies. I learned new things that I wanted to learn, and everything I learned was enjoyable and entertaining, making me more passionate about this field. The company helped us discover our direction, build our future, and benefit from participating in global and national competitions, as we met many people from around the world, developed our scientific research skills, teamwork, and programming, and learned how to solve any problem and use the available resources to find a solution

Zeina Nofal

A globally and locally award-winning educational team provides specialized robotics courses for students in government, private, and refugee schools throughout Jordan.

Hasan aqel

The best experience I have ever had in my life. I learned a lot of things beyond science. I learned that I should not give up in any situation and that the most important thing is to work with passion to achieve success. Of course, there are many other things I learned. I learned to program the EV3 robot and advanced programming and design skills. I also learned how to determine my future career path and develop many skills including scientific research and public speaking. ?

Dalal Alsuod

My experience with "Robotna" has been very beneficial for me, both academically and personally. In general, participating in such programs shapes the students personality and teaches important dialogue-building techniques and other important life skills. From an academic perspective, I have learned a lot about robotics, scientific research, artificial intelligence, and data science. We learned extensively about artificial intelligence and were able to design our own robot using EV3 Robot. We also learned how to conduct comprehensive scientific research to prepare our work for publication and presentation to specialists, and how to present our projects in a simple and easy-to-understand way for anyone without a certain scientific background.

Nour Bzour
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